FINAH Bugs and Enhancements In Progress

The below table is the current list of FINAH enhancements in progress.

 How to read this table...

  • Key = Unique identifier
  • Summary = Short description of the improvement
  • T = Type of Jira object
  • Created = Date of creation
  • Updated = Date of last update
  • Due = Date of expected release
  • P = Priority
  • Status* = Jira Status
  • Labels** = Phase of Development
  • Votes = Number of users who have voted on the improvement


  • Backlog = resources have not been allocated
  • In Progress = work has begun
  • Completed = improvement has been released


  • FINAH-Enhancement = new fields, calculations, filters to FINAH or any views
  • FINAH-Incident = a bug found in FINAH
  • FINAH-ColumnGroupRequest = enhancement affects column groups
  • FINAH-FutureRelease = no UAT date has been set yet
  • BIA-DevelopmentApproved = enhancement has been reviewed and approved for addition to FINAH
  • FINAH-NoTableauCognosUpdate = enhancement will happen in the views, transparent to users
  • BIA-ViewDevelopment = work is being done at the view level
  • BIA-MDM = names and definitions are being defined
  • BIA-CognosModeling = work is being done in the Cognos level
  • BIA-TableauModeling = work is being done in the Tableau level
  • BIA-Validation = BIA is validating that Cognos and Tableau match
  • BIA-ReleaseNotes = enhancement needs to be added to release notes notification
  • BIA-ReadyForRelease = item is ready to move to UAT or Production
  • FINAH-UAT-MonthDate = item is schedule to be release to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on MonthDate


key summary type created updated status labels votes priority


key summary type created updated due priority status labels votes