Employee Analytics Community of Practice

Users of Cognos, Tableau and other reporting and analytics tools using employee data are invited to join the Employee Analytics Community of Practice (Employee Analytics CoP). This community is a great place to have your questions answered and see real examples of employee data use at UC San Diego.

Employee Analytics CoP Resources

Monthly Meetings Group meetings are online and by invitation only. Attendees must have access to EAH data.  Email busintel@ucsd.edu for a meeting invitation.

See Prior Meeting Sessions (access required) on the Employee Analytics CoP Pages

Employee Data Issues  Email busintel@ucsd.edu with the URL, information and screenshots.

Burning Questions Chat with data experts on the Microsoft Teams Employee Analytics Community of Practice Channel.

Enhancement Ideas First check the EAH Bugs and Enhancements In Progress and, if you don't see something similar, send your idea to busintel@ucsd.edu.

Keep up on Employee Analytics News  Subscribe by joining the Employee Analytics Community of Practice Google Group at https://groups.google.com/u/1/a/ucsd.edu/g/EmployeeAnalyticsCoP-g

Additional Resources

Pre-built EACH reports Business Analytics Hub, bah.ucsd.edu

Invite teammates to be an Employee report developer  Send them this form to request access to EAH: Employee Activity Hub Report Developer Access Request form

EAH data integration  /wiki/spaces/AH/pages/12487881

Search all EAH views and fields  EAH FCVs and Fields

Miss an Employee Analytics CoP Meeting?

Find notes and recordings here:  /wiki/spaces/ACP/pages/11175054

Additional Support

EAH Bugs and Enhancements In Progress

EAH Quick Start Guide

EAH Enhancement Process and Release Notes

EAH FCVs and Fields

How To Do Snapshot Reporting with AsOf Fields

EAH Deprecated Fields

EAH Report Developer Training