EAH Enhancement Process and Release Notes

Activity Hubs are always growing to meet the every changing needs of Activity Hub users.  To support ongoing customer needs BIA uses a monthly release cycle.

  1. Customer submits an enhancement request to busintel@ucsd.edu.
    1. In progress and future releases can be found on EAH Bugs and Enhancements In Progress
  2. BIA and the UCPathReports group schedules which enhancements to include in the monthly release based on priority and level of effort, grouped by view.
  3. BIA makes the enhancements to the EAH views, Tableau and Cognos.
  4. BIA releases the enhancements into UAT on the 1st Thursday of the month for one week of customer testing.
    1. EAH Report Developers test the enhancements in Tableau or Cognos DEV.
  5. Finding no issues, BIA releases the enhancements to Production on the 2nd Thursday of the month, starting at 3pm.
    1. View enhancements are moved to Hana Prod, this will disrupt Production reports using these views.
    2. Tableau enhancements published to Tableau Prod > ITS Governed Data Sources.
    3. Cognos enhancements migrated to Cognos QA and Cognos Prod.
    4. Release notes are emailed to Employeeanalytics-COP-l@ucsd.eduITS-DataIntergrationServices@ucsd.edu posted to Collab.
  6. UAT data sources and packages are deleted at 3pm on the 2nd Friday of the month.

Keep up with current bugs and enhancements underway and schedule for future releases: EAH Bugs and Enhancements In Progress

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