Long Term Solution - Adding Data to Activity Hub


  • What:

    • Data Source is added to the applicable Activity Hub(s)

  • Pros:

    • Data is blended with key attributes of other Activity Hubs

    • Top performance in report speed

    • DAGC  governance and support

    • Allow for data to be used by data integrations

    • Field names follow AH naming standards

    • Underlying structures follow BIA development standards

    • ITS-BIA support for data issues

  • Cons:

  • How:


Each Activity Hub has a current backlog that your data source may already be a part of. Please check the request data source list to see if your data is there.




If you do not see your data source on one of these pages, please download and fill out our Submission Form for Adding a Data Source to an Activity Hub and email that to busintel@ucsd.edu.

Your Submission will be added to our Activity Hub roadmap and made available to the data steward for ranking.

The data steward then presents your submission to the ODC for prioritization.

Please reach out to your local ODC member with questions about prioritization of your data source.


Prioritization by the ODC and data stewards take into consideration the following items:

  • Available of data in current state

  • Federal or state deadlines

  • Resource availability

  • Campus impact

Enhancements to Existing Data in the Activity Hubs

Once your data source has been added to an Activity Hub it will join a monthly release cycle. You can request enhancement to the Activity Hub(s) by emailing busintel@ucsd.edu and we will add your enhancement to the first applicable monthly release.