Graduate Financial Support FAQs

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General Financial Support Topics


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What are the funding options for graduate students?


Financial Aid

UC San Diego graduate students may apply for need-based aid by completing a Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA). Need-based aid is administered through the Financial Aid Office, not GEPA:

Fellowships and Awards

Fellowships are generally merit-based awards that provide a stipend and tuition assistance to graduate students. Additional financial support and eligibility requirements may vary by award.

Academic Employment Opportunities

Financial support may be awarded through academic appointment of assistantships. These awards, generally administered by discipline and department, may grant a stipend and tuition payment for providing assistance in teaching and/or research support.

The Graduate Financial Support Unit (FSU) shares spreadsheets and other documents via Google Drive to create a single, centralized version of the file. We do this to avoid version control problems that arise when living documents are sent via attachment. This also streamlines our internal process, ensuring we review the most current information in the single version of that file. Our hope is that it provides visibility and efficiency for you all, as well (especially when there are updates to the data, turnover or reassignment within your unit, coordination between units, etc.).

Many of the documents we share broadly are available to anyone with an Google account - if you used another domain to request access (i.e. or, please log in via your UCSD AD account and try again. 

Access to some documents we share is more appropriately restricted and managed via Google Groups (also using the domain); it may be the case you will need to join a Google Group for access. 

If you have already attempted to access the document using your login and cannot, please submit a ticket at  and include "Attn: Jonathan Wai" in the subject line.

For those in Health Sciences:

In response to requests, we are now enabling Health Sciences users to collaborate using a UC San Diego Health provisioned Google account. It is important to note that if you choose to use Google Drive through UC San Diego Health, you must attest (via DocuSign form) that you will not store or share any ePHI data within this environment. If you would like to have a UC San Diego Health account activated, please contact the UC San Diego Health Service Desk at to initiate the process.

For those managing multiple Google logins, you may find Google Chrome Profiles to be a helpful way to quickly access multiple accounts via shortcut without having to log in and out.

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Graduate Employment

Staff listserv.  Employment-related policy information and updates, including UCPath data entry instructions.

Graduate Financial Support

Staff listserv.  Employment + fellowship policy information and updates; includes all GradEmp information, in addition to fellowship stipend, fellowship tuition/fee updates, and third-party billing.

Visiting Graduate Students 

Staff listserv.  Visiting Graduate Student information and updates.

Graduate Student Employment Topics

Overview of Graduate Academic Titles

Fee Remission

Summer Support

Remote Work

For questions or comments about information on this page, contact the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs by submitting a Services & Support ticket.