Graduate Academic Affairs

Welcome to the GEPA Academic Affairs Collab pages!

GEPA Academic Affairs Unit


Erica Lennard, Assistant Dean (Program Reviews, Embargo Extensions, Program Director Appts, Liaison w/ Grad Council)

(858) 534-3552

Norienne Saign, Assistant Director (Doctoral Time Limit Extensions, Probation, Spring Evaluations)

(858) 534-3709

Sara Miceli, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (Joint PhD programs with SDSU, Professional Master's degrees, Rady degrees, Biostats PhD)

(858) 534-6977
Eliese Maxwell, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (PhD Degrees, UC Irvine Theatre joint doc student process)(858) 822-2244

Kelsey Darvin, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (Academic Master's: Biomedical Sci, Biology, ECE, Structural Eng (inc. PhD), SIO. Listserv management for graduate coordinators and grad chairs listservs, dept/program directory updates) 


Kimberly McCusker, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (Academic Master's: Schools of Arts & Hum, Physical Sciences, & Social Sciences, Mat Sci, MAE, Data Sciences (HDSI)) 

Karen Villavicencio, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (Academic Master's: BENG, Bioinformatics, CENG/NENG (inc. PhD), CSE, NEU. PhD committee constitutions and advancement to candidacy; Intercampus Exchange)(858)