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The below links are a curated group of reports that may be helpful for graduate advisors and fiscal officers as it relates to graduate student employment and finances. However, for the very most up-to-date resources, always reference as that it updated most frequently.

Graduate Employment

Graduate Financial Support/ Financial Ledger Reports

How do I determine where my student's tuition remission posted to?

  • Transaction Details Report (TDR) - If you don't know which project the student's remission posted to, enter their EID in the Original Transaction Reference. This will pull all remission related to that student. To further filter, please use the expenditure item date field if looking for a specific month.

  • Graduate Student Funding Report - This report will provide you with a comprehensive view of the student's funding for a given time period, including the remission. Use this report if you would like to see a student's remission as well as additional funding information.

Which account codes should I be looking for?

  • 511002 - Graduate and Postdoc Aid/Fellowship - Expenditures on this account code are those that were entered as stipend/fellowship payments in the FSRT

  • 511003 - Graduate Tuition and Fees - Expenditures on this account code are tuition and fee payments that were entered as fellowship fee payments in FSRT