FINAH Access for Developers and Consumers

To be a FINAH Report Consumer

  • User must belong to an Active Directory (AD) group that has access to the folder where the report developer has saved their report in Cognos/Tableau
  • Go to > Budget & Finance > Request Access

To be a FINAH Report Developer, you must have access to Oracle in one of the following roles:

  • UCSD BI Consumer JR
  • UCSD BI Author JR
  • UCSD BI Modeler JR
  • UCSD BI Administrator JR

To request Standard Roles:  UCSD BI Consumer JR

Submit an Oracle and Concur Role Request for access.  Request the 'UCSD BI Consumer JR' role AND check the box for FINAH Report Developer access.  Instructions include screenshots.

If you have 'UCSD BI Consumer JR' access and would like FINAH Report Developer access, email to requesting to be a FinAH Report Developer with an attachment of your Oracle access.

To see who is in what Oracle roles go to

Oracle Role Type: RoleReport Builder AbilityFolder Access

 UCSD BI Consumer JR

(Standard role)

Will need to request FINAH Report Developer access as part of requesting Oracle role.

Can email requesting FINAH Report Developer access if they miss the check box in the Oracle and Concur Role Request form.

Report Developer Discretion

UCSD BI Author JR or

UCSD BI Modeler JR or

UCSD BI Administrator JR

(Elevated role)

Automatically gets access to FinAH as a Report DeveloperReport Developer Discretion