Davis/Noyes/Stacey Fellowships

 About the Award

Fellowship funding is provided by gifts from the Davis, Noyes and Stacey families.

Eligible students may receive a maximum of one quarter of resident tuition/fees per academic year. For Academic Year 2023-24 the maximum award is $6,315.12, however, award amounts vary depending upon the availability of funds. 

Please note the Davis/Noyes/Stacey Fellowships are tuition/fee payment only awards, and are not awarded as stipends. The fellowship must be used in the Academic Year it is awarded; there is no option to defer to another academic year. 

Please note, in order to ensure on-time annual awarding, the fellowship selection and awarding process for the Davis, Noyes, and Stacey Fellowships may change for Academic Year 2024-25 and beyond.


Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to be nominated (documentation of eligibility must be provided to and validated by the nominator):

  • Brython Davis Fund: Student whose parent is, or was, a regular member of either the United States Navy or Marine Corps. Documentation of eligibility includes a copy of a current military ID or a copy of military discharge papers and a copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  • La Verne Noyes Fund: Student who is a United States citizen who is a direct blood descendant of a United States Army or Navy World War I veteran, who served for at least four months before November 11, 1918, and whose military service was terminated by death or an honorable discharge. Documentation of eligibility includes a copy of proof of military service or discharge papers and a description of the student’s relationship with the veteran.
  • Malcolm R. Stacey Memorial Fund:  Student who is of Jewish descent and has financial need.  Preference is given to engineering students - specifically, aeronautical engineering. Documentation of eligibility includes a written statement from the student sharing that they are of Jewish descent and have financial need. Admissions essays that include this information are acceptable.

Previous awardees are eligible for renewed support; however, priority will be given to those not previously funded by these endowments. Eligible students must be re-nominated for subsequent years of funding. An eligible student may be nominated for all three individual fellowships, however, the student can only be awarded one of the three fellowships per academic year.


The student nominee's sensitive documents such as DD-214, Birth Certificates, etc. should be provided to and validated by ONLY the nominator. Please do NOT email these sensitive documents or submit them via the Nomination Form. 

Please submit a separate Nomination Form for each nominee/award (Single Sign-On is required). Questions can be directed to gradfellowshipnoms@ucsd.edu.

Please note students are not permitted to self-nominate, a department representative must submit the form on behalf of a student nominee.


The nomination process for 2023-24 is now closed.

Please check back in the summer for information on the 2024-25 nomination process.

  1. Question: How do I request military records for my family members? 
    1. Answer: This U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs website provides guidance: https://www.va.gov/records/get-military-service-records/
  2. Question: Can I defer the award to a subsequent academic year?
    1. Answer: No, however, you are welcome to re-submit your nomination in the academic year in which the tuition and fee payment is most beneficial.
 Fellowship Awards
 AY 2023-2024
Fellowship RecipientFellowshipGraduate Program
Alyssa CavazosBrython Davis FellowshipChemistry & Biochemistry
Patiemma RubioBrython Davis FellowshipChemistry & Biochemistry
Mark SimmonsBrython Davis FellowshipLinguistics
Steffaney WoodBrython Davis FellowshipScripps Institution of Oceanography
Rose DwyerLa Verne Noyes FellowshipMusic
Rob LampeLa Verne Noyes FellowshipScripps Institution of Oceanography
Joe RileyLa Verne Noyes FellowshipVisual Arts
Anne SchulbergLa Verne Noyes FellowshipScripps Institution of Oceanography
Samuel SmithLa Verne Noyes FellowshipSociology
Noah KhalooMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipLinguistics
Zachary NovackMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipComputer Science & Engineering
Max PalayMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipChemistry & Biochemistry
 AY 2022-2023
Fellowship RecipientFellowshipGraduate Program
Steffaney WoodBrython Davis FellowshipScripps Institution of Oceanography
Paul ProctorBrython Davis FellowshipScripps Institution of Oceanography
Kevan MaloneBrython Davis FellowshipHistory
Robert NixonBrython Davis FellowshipHistory
Nicholas DeasonLa Verne Noyes FellowshipBiology
Joe RileyLa Verne Noyes FellowshipVisual Arts
Colin O'Keefe BarryLa Verne Noyes FellowshipElectrical & Computer Engineering
Catherine ArnettLa Verne Noyes FellowshipLinguistics
Amy SchwartzMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Cody SpeigelMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipScripps Institution of Oceanography
Heather PaulsonMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipLiterature
Adam FeferMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipPolitical Science
Neon MashurovMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipLiterature
 AY 2021-2022
Fellowship RecipientFellowshipGraduate Program
Alexander BraddockBrython Davis FellowshipChemistry & Biochemistry
Alicia RomeroBrython Davis FellowshipUCSD Division of Biological Sciences
Christian PelayoBrython Davis FellowshipScripps Institution of Oceanography
Joshua BaumgartBrython Davis FellowshipBiomedical Sciences
Joshua SavageBrython Davis FellowshipChemistry & Biochemistry
Peter BerubeBrython Davis FellowshipBiological Sciences
Seth PattonBrython Davis FellowshipSchool of Global Policy and Strategy
Steven BeardsleyBrython Davis FellowshipLiterature
Summer BalesBrython Davis FellowshipSchool of Global Policy and Strategy
Timothy ShawBrython Davis FellowshipBiological Sciences
Aileen ButtonLa Verne Noyes FellowshipChemistry & Biochemistry
Hannah RutledgeLa Verne Noyes FellowshipChemistry & Biochemistry
Joseph RileyLa Verne Noyes FellowshipVisual Arts
Luke SanfordLa Verne Noyes FellowshipPolitical Science
Matthew EhrlichLa Verne Noyes FellowshipHistory
Matt ZaslanskyMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipLinguistics
Nina SemushinaMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipLinguistics
Sydney SmithMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipNeurosciences Graduate Program
Wendy WagnerMalcolm R. Stacey Memorial FellowshipPolitical Science