20221006 FINAH Start UAT Release Notes

Hello FINAH Developers - The below fields are now available for you in UAT.  If you find an issue, please email busintel@ucsd.edu right away with the subject line “FINAH UAT due October 12” so we can address it prior to the Thursday, October 13, 2022 release to Production.

Keep up with our future enhancements here: FINAH Bugs and Enhancements In Progress

Table of Contents

Thank You Report Developers!

Special thanks to the report developers who submitted enhancement requests. 

  • Kevin Chou
  • Cheryl Kettnich
  • Lindsay Root
  • Heather Sears
  • Eva Thiveos

Your Requested Enhancements

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are report breaking enhancements if you have these fields in your report and you have not take the appropriate remediation steps.

Customer Service Reminder

Data in UAT is not ready to be shared with end customers, is not considered completely validated and can change suddenly.  For optimal customer satisfaction, do not connect your production solutions to packages / data sources that are in UAT.  If you choose to share UAT items with end customer, be explicit that the data and report is in UAT and can change suddenly or be broken by UAT changes.

A duty cycle has been implemented for Hana QA.  During this time, Hana QA will not be available.  Please schedule your UAT work around this duty cycle.

  • Hana QA will not be available from 7pm-5am nightly
  • Hana QA will not be available Saturday and Sunday
  • Data loads will occur from 5am-10am on weekdays

Follow our Enhancement Testing Steps

Use this UAT time to adjust your reports as needed prior to the Production release where your customers will be able to see any issues these enhancements cause. 
  • Cognos: Use the packages in Cognos DEV > Financial Activity Hub > Financial Activity Hub Packages UAT to build your report and select Hana QA.  Do not select Hana Prod as the report will fail.  Using Hana QA will allow you to see the below enhancements with Oracle Production data. 
  • Tableau: Sign into Tableau on your Tableau desktop tool and open your report.  Add a new data source with the same name and -QA at the end of the title.  Using this data source will allow you to see the below enhancements with Oracle Production data.
  • Hana QA:  FINAH data in Hana QA is production Oracle data loaded daily, just like in Hana PROD.

If you find an issue, please include in your email to busintel@ucsd.edu the following:

  • What browser are you using?
  • What environment are you using?  Cognos DEV, QA or PROD?  Or Tableau?
  • What data source / package are you using?
  • What results were you expecting?