Adding New Data for Blending in Cognos or Tableau

Local data can be added to Cognos and Tableau using one of the following options.

Long Term Solution

  • What:

    • Data Source is added to the applicable Activity Hub(s)

  • Pros:

    • Data is blended with key attributes of other Activity Hubs

    • Top performance in report speed

    • DAGC  governance and support

    • Allow for data to be used by data integrations

    • Field names follow AH naming standards

    • Underlying structures follow BIA development standards

    • ITS-BIA support for data issues

  • Cons:

  • How:

Extension Student Data is a separate Activity Hub not included in the above roadmap. The interim solutions and short term solutions can still be used but adding new data sources to the Extension Activity Hub should be requested via a SNOW ticket to ITS-SIS-AcademicAffairs.

Interim Solution

  • What:

    • Connect BI Tool directly to data source

    • Report developer creates Tableau data source or Cognos data module

    • Report developer then creates reports off the Tableau data source or Cognos data modules

  • Pros:

    • Great for reports that need to be run on a regular basis or be run by multiple people using various criteria.

    • Great for data source that are waiting to be added to the Activity Hub.

    • Allows report developers to build Cognos or Tableau report prior to the data source being added the applicable Activity Hub(s)

    • Once the data source is available in the applicable Activity Hub(s), the reports can be re-pointed

    • Can be blended with Activity Hub views (may reduce speed of report)

    • Works best with on-prem servers

  • Both Pro & Con:

    • Maintenance of Tableau data source or Cognos data module is performed by Report developer

  • Cons:

    • May not be available for applications located in the cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    • May not meet UCSD Minimum Network Security Standards

    • A poorly written report can negatively impact the performance of the data source

    • Does not allow for data to be used by data integrations

    • May not use AH naming standards or BIA development standards

  • How:

Short Term Solution