FINAH-UCSDGeneralLedger-View Quick Start Guide

This view contains the all of the transactions posted to the UCSD General Ledger including all encumbrances and actuals. 

  • This view only transactions that have posted.  This does not include pre-posted, unposted, not approved transactions, not posted, and/or un-processed costs.
  • This view does not contain sub-ledger information. 
  • Start here and then branch out as needed.

(info) In order to see the General Ledger data within Oracle UI you'll need access to General Accounting Dashboard > Inquiry and Analysis Balances

Data Loads:

Data is loaded nightly from oracle.  To see when the data completed being loaded by UCSD into FINAH see this report: Tableau > Public > AH Data Load Status Report


One row per general ledger transaction.  These are summary level transactions that are posted to the general ledger.  The view is at transaction level granularity.

Please note: Only objects with transactions are included in this view and only objects with transactions in the source Oracle table.

LevelKey (uniqueness / group by)Measures
1Transaction Amount

Tableau report developers: { FIXED [Transaction Line Code], [Transaction System Counter] : SUM([Transaction Amount]) }







Key Fields to View:

  • Account
  • Award
  • Function
  • Fund
  • Location
  • Program
  • Project

Key Fields Filter on:

  • Accounting Period
  • Ledger Encumbrance Type

Additional Notes: