FINAH-PPM-TransactionDetail-View Quick Start Guide


  • Some of the names are slightly different between FINAH-Projectcosts-View, FINAH-ContractRevenue and FINAH-PPM-Transaction-View b/c in order to blend the data the field names were made more generic. Ie. Transaction instead of Expenditure where an expenditure is a type of transaction.


This view brings together Project Cost Detail, Revenue Detail and Commitment data.  There are six different transaction types in this view: PPM Budget, Commitment (aka Expenditures In Progress), Expenditures (aka Costs), Revenue and Payroll Projections.  

When to use this view

This view includes a more diverse set of transaction without the number of details on each transaction type.

  1. Are you looking for every detail of Costs?  Use FINAH-ProjectCosts-View.
  2. Are you looking for every detail and attribute of Revenue?  Use FINAH-ContractRevenue-View.
  3. Do you need Commitment details?  Use this view.

Data Loads

Data is loaded nightly from oracle.  To see when the data completed being loaded by UCSD into FINAH see this report:  Tableau > Public > AH Data Load Status Report


Granularity is the scale or level of detail present in a set of data.  It identifies where levels of uniqueness exists in the data.  The data lives in the view at the lowest level, but each BI tool totals the levels differently.

Please note:  The Level of Detail (LOD) calculations listed here for Tableau developers are a baseline and do not necessary include all of the LOD equations needed for your report.

LevelKey (uniqueness / group by)Measures

Award Number

Tableau report developers: {FIXED[Award Number]:MIN([Award...])}

All measures beginning with the word “Award”

Project ID

Tableau report developers: {FIXED[Project ID]:MIN([Project...])}

All measures beginning with the word “Project”


Task ID

Tableau report developers :{FIXED[Task ID]:MIN([Task...])}

All measures beginning with the word “Task” except:

  • "Task Budget Period Payroll Projection Amount"
  • "Task Budget Period Budget Amount"


Contract ID

Tableau report developers: {FIXED [[Contract ID]: MIN([Contract...])}

All measures beginning with “Contract"

Transaction PO Line

Transaction PO ID + Transaction PO Line Number

Tableau report developers: {FIXED ([Transaction PO ID], [Transaction PO Line Number]): MIN([Transaction PO Line...])}

All measures beginning with "Transaction PO Line"
Transaction Invoice ID

Transaction Invoice ID

Tableau report developers: {FIXED ([Transaction Invoice ID]: MIN([Transaction Invoice...])}

All measures beginning with "Transaction Invoice"
Transaction Distribution

Transaction Type + Transaction ID + Transaction Dist ID

No LOD in Tableau needed

All measures in the following folders:

  • Commitment Measures
  • Expenditure Measures
  • Revenue Measures

And the following fields:

  • Task Budget Period Payroll Projection Amount

  • Task Budget Period Budget Amount

Key Fields to View

  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Line Type
  • Expenditure Category
  • Revenue Category
  • Award fields
  • Project fields

Key Fields Filter on

  • Transaction Accounting Period
  • Expenditure Category
  • Revenue Category
  • Transaction Type
  • Transaction Line Type

Additional Notes

The source of "Transaction Date" in this view depends on the "Transaction Type".

Commitments = expenditure item date/the date on which the commitment cost was incurred.

Commitment IDC Adjustments = expenditure item date/the date on which the commitment cost was incurred.

Expenditure = expenditure item date

Funding Issue = funding issue date

Payroll Projection = null (not used)

Budget (PPM) = null (not used)

Revenue = transaction date/the date the transaction occurred