FINAH-TE-ExpenseTransactionDetail-View Quick Start Guide


  • This view includes Expense Report (Header), Expense Lines, Credit Card Transactions and Allocations.

  • An Expense Report can have one or more Expense Lines.

  • An Expense Line can have 0 or 1 Credit Card Transaction.

  • A Credit Card Transaction can have 0 or many Expense Lines.

  • Both an Expense Line and a Credit Card Transaction can have one or more allocations.

  • Each allocation has a chart string that corresponds to the CCOA.

  • Credit Card transactions per user will appear with or without their Expense Report, depending on if the Expense Report has been entered.

  • The User Profile fields are based on the associated with the Expense Report.

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Critical Concepts


  • This view includes the full chart segment hierarchies and managerial hierarchies were applicable.

  • This view includes all Project, Award and Task fields.

  • This view includes all Project Personnel, Award Personnel and Task Personnel.

TE User Profile PCard Dept Admin Fields

The PCard Dept Admin specifically pertains to P-card expenses, not Travel expenses.


Steps to Take

Key Fields

  • Expense Report Type

  • Expense Report Approval Status

  • Credit Card Payment Type

  • Expense Line Payment Type

  • Expense Line Spend Category

Key Fields to use as filters

  • Expense Report Type

  • Expense Report Approval Status


Granularity is the scale or level of detail present in a set of data.  It identifies where levels of uniqueness exists in the data.  The data lives in the view at the lowest level, but each BI tool totals the levels differently.


Key (uniqueness / group by)



Key (uniqueness / group by)


Expense Report

Expense Report Flag Measures

Expense Line

Expense Line Measures

Expense Line Flag Measures

Credit Card