FINAH-Award-View Quick Start Guide

This view contains all of the basic Award financial information.  Awards are sponsored contracts.  Every award is a contract, not every contract is an award.  Only a contract that becomes sponsored that becomes an award.

Data Loads:

Data is loaded each night.  To see when the data completed being loaded by UCSD into FINAH see this report: Tableau > Public > AH Data Load Status Report


Granularity is the scale or level of detail present in a set of data.  It identifies where levels of uniqueness exists in the data.  The data lives in the view at the lowest level, but each BI tool totals the levels differently.

LevelKey (uniqueness / group by)Attributes

Award Number

All fields beginning with the word “Award” except those beginning with "Award Budget Period"
2Award Budget Period 

Award Number + Award Budget Period

Tableau report developers: {FIXED[Award Number], [Award Budget Period]:MIN([Award Budget Period....])}

All fields beginning with the word “Award Budget Period” 

One row per Award per Budget Period.

Key Fields:

  • Award Number
  • Award Budget Period

Key Fields to use as filters:

  • Award Number
  • Award Budget Period

Additional Notes: