Activity Hub Enhancement Process, UAT and Release Notes

New Data Source for Activity Hubs

Moved to Adding New Data for Blending in Cognos or Tableau

Monthly Enhancement Process

  1. Customer submits an enhancement request to
  2. BIA and the SME group schedules which enhancements to include in the monthly release based on priority and level of effort, grouped by view.
  3. BIA makes the enhancements to the EAH views, Tableau and Cognos.
    1. BIA completes data validation
  4. BIA releases the enhancements into User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for 1 week of customer testing.  After which UAT deletes the UAT items as they are no longer needed.
  5. Finding no issues after 1 week, BIA releases the enhancements to Production.

Monthly User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

UAT is a time for report developers to complete their own testing scenarios against any enhancements being release.  During UAT field names, folder names and aggregations may change quickly and break reports (AH Changes That Break Report or Column Group Connections). 

Reports using data in UAT should not be shared with customers.

AH User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Hana QA Duty Cycle

A duty cycle has been implemented for Hana QA.  During this time, Hana QA will not be available.  Please schedule your UAT work around this duty cycle.

  • Hana QA will not be available from 7pm-5am nightly
  • Hana QA will not be available Saturday and Sunday
  • Data loads will occur from 5am-10am on weekdays

Monthly Release Notes

Notification of UAT start and end dates, what is included in UAT and when objects are moved into Production are shared via Release Note emails sent to the Community of Practice (COP) mail lists for each associated Activity Hub. 

You can sign up for COP mail lists here by emailing